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Frequently asked questions

What is Stroboscopic Training?

Stroboscopic training enhances sensory skills through dynamic vision. It limits the information that your brain from the eyes by blinking lenses, forces your brain to work under different difficulties levels. EyeStrobe can be integrated into traditional training drills. The strategy is to first do a drill without the EyeStrobe and with the EyeStrobe, while you increase the difficulty level.

Is the EyeStrobe efficiency proven?

EyeStrobe will provide you with immediate improvement from your first training.

How do I update the EyeStrobe firmware?

Before connecting the EyeStrobe Eyewear to the EyeStrobe App, you should update the firmware on the Strobe Eyewear. This needs to be only once, as follows: Start with the Strobe Eyewear Off Turn on the Strobe Eyewear During the startup sequence, when the Strobe Eyewear screen in entirely lit, press and hold the ‘+’ button until the screen goes dark. The Strobe Eyewear i snow ready to be updated. Select “update” on the App and proceed with the update.

Can the EyeStrobe be used as sunglasses?


How many difficulty levels does it have?

The EyeStrobe has 8 levels of difficulty. In the most difficult level the frequency is the lowest. It is quite hard up there.

Can I customize the EyeStrobe?

Using you Android or iOS App you can create customized levels.

How should I clean the lenses?

You should clean the EyeStrobe lenses with a micro-fiber cloth. Separate the strap from Eyewear before washing strap. Do not use cleaning products on the lenses.

Where will it be shipped from?

United States

What does the Sensory Station System package include?

55" Touch Screen Display + Touch Screen Tablet 13.3"+ Strobe Goggles + Mobile phone as a remote + 3D glasses + Senaptec Carpet + motorized pedestal

Is there an additional cost to purchase a Training App License?

Training app licenses are sold in bundles of 30. They are good for six months and can be activated at any time. Contact us to get quotation. Total price for 30 is $900.
Unlimited training on the Sensory Station System.

What is the warranty and maintenance for the Sensory Station System?

Warranty is 12 months, you may contact us [link] to extend for 2 more years. $3,000

What is included in the warranty and maintenance?

Upgrades and improvements over time

Is there is a Soccer oriented training App?

Yes, there are training plans oriented toward soccer

Is there a function on the Sensory Station that automatically sets a pre-programmed personalized Training App upon signing in a specific trainee?

Yes…this is getting improved over time

Does the Sensory Station offer an improvement plan based on an Evaluation test?

Yes, but currently need to set it up manually. Automation is in development.

Could we buy a Tablet and connect it to touch screen display?

Yes, in that case you can connect our tablet to your own touch screen display.

For this setup, we do not support the final three tests (target capture, eye hand coordination, and go/no-go) on the assessment app.

All of the features of the training app will work as long as the touch screen has an HDMI input and a USB output for touch.